Monday, January 6, 2014

Cemeteries-a place for reflection, peace and to learn about other people

The other day when I was driving south on Historic 101 in Oceanside, I happen to see Oceanview Cemetery.  (  I have a book put out by Arcadia Publishing called "Cemeteries of San Diego County".  Today, I went back to Ocean View Cemetery and Eternal Hills Memorial Park, which are two cemeteries located in Oceanside, CA.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows is a fraternal organization.  Written on their seal is the instruction, "Bury the Dead".  With that instruction in mind, the Oceanside Odd Fellows Cemetery Association established the Oceanview Cemetery Association, which established the Oceanview Cemetery in 1895, where the common man could be assured a decent resting place.  Oceanview Cemetery is a non-denominational, non-endowment facility, which was sold to the Ocean View Memorial Park Corporation in 1932, which changed the financial focus to profit making.  Several financial setbacks forced the cemetery to be sold to the Eternal Hills Cemetery Association in 1952, which provides the cemetery with basic maintenance.

Eternal Hills Memorial Park is Oceanside's largest cemetery  and was established in 1948, as a full-service, non-denominational endowment care facility.  The cemetery covers 165 acres, which are partially undeveloped.


  1. Old cemeteries are quite interesting, Trudi. When I lived in NY, the Church I belonged to, Asbury United Methodist Church, had a really old cemetery on the property. The Church was established in 1771. I used to take my Girl Scout troop there to do headstone rubbings. The headstones were so ornate. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

    1. You are welcome! When the girls and I were in England, we went to an old cemetery and there were sheep!