Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life in Corona del Mar on Begonia-Flower Streets

A homey front porch in Corona del Mar with a green door and fall wreath and couches
A homey front porch

Stained glass front door and window on one of the floral streets in Corona del Mar
Stained glass front door

gingerbread on a house in corona del Mar

wooden house with windows and reflections in Corona del Mar
House and reflection

Tinted by the sun to Orange in the front yard of a house in Corona del Mar

Sunflower and Welcome friends on gate on house in Corona del Mar
Sunflower and welcome friends


  1. I like the Corona Del Mar area....especially as you get closer to Ocean Blvd.

  2. Some of these scenes look like Ireland, the beautifully decorated doorways. Great information, love the visuals

  3. Eydie, I like the Corona del Mar area as well! It is fun to walk the streets and see the different homes. SafariKay Trotman, thank you!